Saturday, August 18, 2018

500 Days

If you are at least 28 years old or further along 😀 you know that almost 19 years ago was a fun, exciting and for some an amazing time.  We were all looking to the future with those feelings and some fear with the Y2K bug that was a threat to invade every computer on New Year's Eve.

I remember planning exactly where I was going to be for the big "Turn of the Century!"  We planned a huge party with lots of people including my best friends David, Tanya and Lisa and an extreme amount of decorations . . . and the clocks.

Clocks were counting down everywhere, on TV, in stores, in store fronts, on web sites.  There was a giant electronic clock on the Eiffel Tower counting down the last 1,000 days to the new millennium.  And, even at home I had a clock that was given to me the Christmas before to watch the numbers and days count down to the moment of 2000 arrival.  It seemed as if the entire world was counting down to the new millennium.

I remember further back about how exciting it was to begin a new decade back in the 80s and then the 90s.  I had been taught in school about the "Gay 90s" (meaning 'happy') were back in the 1890s!  And, now I'm living the new decade of the 90s, the 1990s.  So to think that we were facing the year 2000 was mind blowing; at the time.

I also remember thinking deeply to myself in the weeks, days and even months that preceded it; there were about seven billion people on the planet and for the first time in recorded history of the human beings existence, all people on the planet will see a new millennium begin together on TV and the internet.  We were all connected knowing that time was moving on together into a new year, new decade, new century, new millennium, a new time and era for the globe.

It really was overwhelming and moving.

Well now the countdown clocks are starting again.  It's not a millennium or even a century but we are facing a new decade.  Of course we did this ten years ago with the change to 2010.  But for me, not sure if you feel the same way, it just seems more impressive and impact to think we are heading to the 20s!

Cue, "Auld Lang Syne!"

I know 2019 is not here yet and that will be an exciting New Year but the real moment will be when midnight strikes at the beginning of 2020 and today, yes today it is exactly 500 days away.

When we get there WWI will be more than 100 years in the past.  We will be one-fifth into the new century.  We will be getting close to our nations 250th birthday - that's a quarter of a millennium!  There are many milestones ahead of us as we reach the 20s.  Hopefully, just as they were known in the 1920's it will be a 'roaring' 20's for us all to experience.

It's time now to put the tragedies of the past 20 years aside and look forward as a people, a nation, a planet and as a human race to the dawn of a new and hopeful decade . . . the 20's!  And, it begins TODAY!

500 days to go. 

Tick, tock, tick, tock,  tick, tock, . . .

Bryan W. Rupp