Monday, August 6, 2018

Mid-August Rain or Shine?

Good News! Rain Appears To Be On The Way

The weather is forecast to change in Texoma over the next few days.  Models tell us that the chances of rain and thunderstorms are going up.  This is good news for our area which is in the grip of another drought.  The question of how much rain is still a question but we can nail down the rain chances.

Take a look at these graphics to get an idea of what the chances of rain and/or thunderstorms will be in your hometown or county from Tuesday through Wednesday night.

Tuesday Rain Chances:

Tuesday Night Rain Chances:

Wednesday Rain Chances:

Wednesday Night Rain Chances:

In addition rain chances may linger into next weekend.  And, there is even more good news it appears at this time that there should not be any severe weather with this activity.

So, stay tuned for updates and more on this changing weather situation as the week progresses.

Bryan W. Rupp