Monday, August 6, 2018

Welcome to a New Horizon on the Net

Hello Friends!  Bryan Rupp here!  You know the Meteorologist guy in Texoma?

To say 2018 has been interesting is certainly an understatement for me.  I'd use other words but that really isn't me.  So this 'interesting' year has been plugging along at a decent pace.  And, sometimes I have a bit of time on my hands.  My closest friends recommended I start logging things on a blog.  I've since learned these 'things' they speak of are 'posts.'

Well, this is my first post and I've not much to say right now.  Except that I'm very tired and haven't slept well the past two nights.  One night for reasons of excitement and another out of terror.  Difficult to explain in a brief post but I guess that is the purpose of this thing.

So, for now, let's leave it there.

Tell your friends to bookmark the page.  Tell your family and anyone you know.  This could be an interesting ride because I have a lot going on in this brain of mine and I'm ready to share.

There's the first post; and we're off!

I'll be back in a bit to share more.

Have a great day friends!

Bryan W. Rupp