Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rainfall Totals From Wednesday Night (08/08/2018)

The data from last night is in and I've got some rainfall totals.

The rain wasn't widespread but in very isolated and tiny areas the rain really came down the totals really started adding up.

It appears that most of the rain fell in southeastern Archer and southern Clay Counties.  This is where the heaviest amounts were.

Let's take a look (each map is clickable). . . 

Here is the cluster of substantial rainfall totals.

A closer view of Archer, Clay and Jack Counties show where the heaviest precipitation fell.  And, again these were in very tiny areas that these amounts fell.

In southeast Archer County 2.52" fell.

Just southeast of Bellvue about 3.31" fell, again in a very small area near US-287.

Near the Joy, Texas area it appears about 3.27" fell in a very small area.

And finally just outside of Windthorst, Texas about 1.89" fell.

The areal coverage of rainfall was very isolated even though it was a large amount for all four locations.  Therefore, no Flash Flood Warnings were needed.  And, of course being in a drought the ground could soak up a large amount of it.

That's all for now.  More rain is in the forecast and hopefully it will be more widespread.

Have a great day friends!

Bryan W. Rupp