Friday, August 24, 2018

Weird Weather: Hawaii's Hurricane Lane

Recently I asked folks what they would like to read on my blog and the number one answer was facts and information about weird weather.  I know I find weird weather fascinating and evidently many others do too.  So here we go for the first in a series of "Weird Weather" blogs.

We begin in the state of Hawaii, right now.

Two words:  Hurricane Lane.

The hurricane is moving just south of the archipelago.  Let's take a look at the latest information from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center:

(Here's the graphic map with text information & for a larger view click on the map itself).

If you missed it on the graphics here are the latest stats as of 10a CDT or 5a HST:

Hurricane Lane:  Category 2
Maximum Sustained Winds:  110 mph
Minimum Central Pressure:  962 mb/28.49"
Located:  18.7N 158.0W
Movement:  N at 5 mph

In addition, this is the latest forecast cone track for the center of Hurricane Lane.  It is forecast to remain just south of Honolulu and then turn to the west and move away and dissipate.  Let's hope that happens.  Take a look at the graphic.

Now that we have gone over the latest information as of publishing time let's take a look at how this qualifies as "weird weather."

Let's check the facts.

During the past 147 years a hurricane has only made landfall three times.  That is about once every 50 years.  That's is definitely a rather rare event.  In addition there have been several tropical events but because the sea-surface ocean temperatures are usually cooler near the islands the storms will not reach a strong intensity.  However a few times that was not the case.  Let's take a detailed look at all the landfalls in Hawaii.

So even though it appears Hurricane Lane will not make landfall in Hawaii it certainly is having a big impact and it is a rare, 'weird weather' event.

Meteorologist Bryan W. Rupp