Saturday, August 18, 2018

Wind & Damage Across Texoma

Showers and thunderstorms moved across southwest Oklahoma and western north Texas (Texoma) on Friday, August 17, 2018.

Most of the storms put down heavy rain as well as produced lightning and thunder around the area, but a few were severe and produced damaging thunderstorm winds.  The winds caused some damage in a few parts of the area as well.

Although there was no weather watch in effect; multiple weather warnings were issued in the Texoma area including areas north and east of Wichita Falls.  But the reports of damage and wind were northeast and northwest of Wichita Falls.

Let's take a look at the wind damage and wind speed reports.

This map shows the reports around the area, they were confined to Oklahoma.

Now, let's take a closer look at each individual area, of which there are three.

We start west of Altus, near the community of Duke, OK there was a report of wind up to 62 mph.  Wind that reaches 58 mph or greater is considered by the National Weather Service to be 'severe.'

Our next location takes us a bit further east into Tillman County.

Southeast of Frederick, Okla. a wind speed of 67 mph was reported, putting it considerably above the severe criteria.

Then we get to the Hollister area where a severe thunderstorm resulted in high winds and some damage.

According to the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center unfiltered report, outbuildings were damaged and multiple trees downed.  In addition a power pole was down.

Further to the southeast in Tillman County we arrive just west of the Grandfield area.  This area experienced severe thunderstorm wind gusts with winds reported in two locations at 60 mph, as well as one location at 58 mph.

Further east an additional report came into the center.

This final report in southwest Okla. is wind damage.  The report states a "large tree limb down in town."

Overall that is all the storm reports that have been received by the Storm Prediction Center as of writing time (541a CT 08/18/2018).

Many area saw nice amounts of rain but that topic would be for another blog.

More posts coming soon so stay tuned!

Bryan W. Rupp