Friday, October 19, 2018

I've Got A Secret . . .Then, Now and Tomorrow

I've never been a fan of black and white TV until I started watching two things, The Game Show Network (GSN) and the Hallmark Channel both late at night.  

Very late, usually after 2am CT both networks play old black and white television programs.  

On Hallmark Channel it's of course "I Love Lucy."  And, on GSN it's old re-runs of black and white game shows such as "I've Got a Secret," "To Tell The Truth," and "What's My Line."  

It's fun watching the celebrities from that time go on these game shows and have to figure things out.  I really enjoy it.  At one point I was getting up every night to watch all of the old game shows I could.  There were some amazing episodes but none were as impressive as the one below.

It's "I've Got A Secret" and the secret by Mr. Seymour is that he was the last living witness to the assassination of President Lincoln.  No that act itself and the proceeding tragedy for the nation was horrible.  However, it was fascinating to see a person alive that could tell the story themselves.  Living history saved on film forever.

Take a look:

Can you imagine being a part of history that way.  Just amazing.


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In comparison think of this . . . someone who was five years old when the September 11th attacks happened could end up being the last survivor that remembers the September 11th attacks in person.  

Most likely it would be many many decades from now.  As the decades go by health care will get better and folks will live longer.  So Mr. Seymour who was 96yo on the game show, which is an amazing age for 1956.  But by the 2050s and 60s there will most likely be amazing strides in helping folks live a bit longer.  Instead of the eldest living person today being 95-110 years old it might be that by the 2100s a maximum life span of a human could be 105-120 years.

Some one who was just five years old when the Trade Towers fell could be about 107 years old or older when they give there account of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. . . get this that would be in the year, 2103.  That person would have seen the dawn of the 22nd century.  And, they could also be labelled "The Last Person to see the September 11th Attacks" on a tv or internet show or however we watch shows then.  Either way it's a unique way of looking at how time passes by and how we view tragedies and how the impact begins to fade over time.

Just like seeing Mr. Seymour in 1956 share his experience of President Lincoln being shot, just being a topic on a game show the same will eventually happen with everything we have lived through, it will just be stories shared down and in books.

Bryan W. Rupp