Saturday, November 17, 2018

Let's Never Forget "It All Started With A Mouse"

An idea, a doodle, three circles to form a head, and it changed the world forever, in a very good way.

If there is one common take-a-way from the fact that Mickey Mouse is still around and celebrated the world over is that even the smallest idea, if shared, and truly created with a good and happy intent, it really can change the world, forever.

I'm sure Walt had no idea what his little creation 90 years ago would become today.  But, if you were able to sit down with him in heaven I bet he would say it's just amazing what that little spark of an idea created for millions and now billions the world over.

Walt was well known for saying, "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing - that it all started with a mouse."  He said that on his television show "What is Disneyland" on October 27, 1954.

And, the saying is true.  That drawing, which was broadcast in "Steamboat Willie" on Sunday, November 18, 1928 led to a global presence.  Of course, it's an industry now that spans the entire planet with 14 theme parks, hundreds of movies and cartoons and dozens of other happy characters.

Walt Disney is also quoted as saying . . . "All we ever intended for him [referring to Mickey] or expected of him was that he should continue to make people everywhere chuckle with him and at him."

So today or in the next few days, take a glance at a Mickey Mouse drawing, or stuffed Mickey, or a cartoon and just see if it doesn't make you smile.  If it did, then the original intent by Walt Disney came true and the happiness was shared with you, now pass it on and share it to the next generation.

Happy 90th Birthday Mickey Mouse.

And, we miss you Walt, I hope to meet you in heaven.

If you would like to watch the ABC Special "Mickey's 90th Spectacular" you can watch it by clicking this sentence and it will take you there.  (Note:  ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company.)

Bryan W. Rupp

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