Saturday, December 1, 2018

Good-Bye President Bush, Truly One of the Best American Presidents

I grew up always knowing that George Bush was our leader or second in command. For 12 years.  

These were my formative years and I looked to him as a distant father, not only of our nation leading the way, but in a personal way too. He was such a good man.  

And during the first Gulf War when I was scared watching the TV he came on as a real leader does, calmly but firmly without hatemonger-ring or rambling told us that good would triumph over evil. 

He put together and agreed with the policy of a coalition of nations to do a job and he stuck exactly to it, when he could have grabbed personal glory and gain by going past the mandate and he did not. 

It's not important if you serve one or two terms but that the time you are there you truly make a difference while uplifting all peoples, and that's what he did, not just at home but around the world too. 

Not many presidents can say that in American history. 

Godspeed President Bush. Be with Barbara and enjoy.

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Bryan W. Rupp