Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Have You Found the Christmas Pickle?

Is it possible that you aren't familiar with the story of the "Christmas Pickle?"

Well then let me enlighten you with this wonderful Christmas tradition.

An ornament in the shape of a pickle is hung on a Christmas tree branch.  But where it is hung is chosen very specifically by the patriarch or matriarch of your family.  He or she hangs the pickle in an area where it is least likely to be seen or even found.  So the point is not to show it off but to hide it.  Then on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day all the members of the family or friends search for the Christmas Pickle ornament and the person that finds it receives good luck in the new year.  But, in addition to good luck and fortune they person receives a special gift wrapped under the tree that is also hidden from view.

And that is the story of the Christmas Pickle.

Now the story has always been thought to have started in Germany more than a century ago but more recently historians believe that the tradition is an American tradition started sometime back in the 1800s.

I've seen the ornament in stores including Walmart and Target.  So, if you don't have your Christmas Pickle yet be sure to go get one and let your family and friends try to find it.

Merry Christmas!

Bryan W. Rupp