Sunday, December 16, 2018

"Yes, There Is A Santa Claus!" Part II

I’m about to tell you the second in a set of two different stories but it is very important that you understand none of the details of either story have been altered.  One of these stories I lived, the other is the story of a friend that he lived.  The stories are true in the facts presented but only you, in your mind can figure out what it all means.  As I tell you the stories you will understand.

Party II

A friend of mine name Bobby was seven years old back in the late 1960s.  Bobby had a very strong and loving belief that Santa Claus was real and visited him each Christmas.

That summer, when he was seven, his parents had told him that Santa Claus was not real.  It’s the usual story that his parents didn’t want him going to school and potentially talking about Santa to other school children who would then bully him for still believing.

When they told him, Santa was not real they mentioned that he was not real in the terms and sights we see of him in advertising and malls today but that long ago there was a St. Nicholas from back in the 3rd century.

Bobby was heartbroken but accepted the story his parents told him as truth.  He went back to school and all was well.

Then came Christmas Eve of that year, he says it must have technically been Christmas morning as it was most likely was after midnight.  He was sleeping in his brothers’ room as it was a big family and the kids had to share beds to stay warm.  There was a space heater but that was the only thing putting off light and heat.

Suddenly, Bobby heard footsteps in the hallway.  Now like any child and even adults you learn to interpret the sounds of footprints of different people in the household, so you know who is walking the halls.  And, in his house the floors were wooden and would creak a bit.

But Bobby knew these footsteps were different and seemed firmer if not slightly heavier and firmer than his fathers.  He could hear the person walking from room to room.

Then Bobby looked up and the mystery walker was standing in the doorway.  It was Santa Claus!  Bobby said that Santa had a full suite but not overly big belly, was a rather tall man and had the big red suite on and white beard.  He had a big black belt and looked a lot like the pictures of Santa Claus from Coca Cola.  He noticed specifically that Santa’s suite was not wrinkled and pressed perfectly.  Even his Santa hat was creased and fell perfectly to the side.

Bobby even clearly remembers hearing Santa breathe.

As Bobby stared in amazement, Santa stood there for a moment and let out a little chuckle.

Bobby was excited but a bit scared and hid under the covers for quite some time.  He said it seemed like hours to him but must have been just a few minutes.  Eventually it got very warm under the covers and he had to peak out to cool off.  When he did, Santa was gone.

Bobby knew then that it was the real Santa!

In the morning when he got up, he told his mom and dad and brothers all about his experience and that Santa had been to the house.  His parents kindly listened and heard his story but felt like Bobby must have had a dream or something of the sort as they both knew that they hadn't dressed up as Santa.  And they wouldn't tell him the summer before there wasn't a Santa Claus and then confuse him by dressing up as him.

There was no changing Bobby’s mind, it was Santa.

Then one of the more remarkable things about the story came to pass.  When all the gifts from under the tree were opened the next morning, there was one gift left.

Bobby’s parents and brothers admitted that they didn’t put it there and his mother mentioned that it wasn’t her wrapping paper.  So, they had a mystery on their hands, where did the mystery gift come from?  Of course, Bobby knew, it had to be Santa.

The family opened the gift but as the decades have passed no one can remember what was in the gift but they do remember it was a gift for the entire family.

Later, no one they knew took claim of leaving a gift for them.

So, did Santa Claus visit Bobby and leave and extra gift under the tree for the entire family?  Sure, sounds like it to me.

I just spoke with Bobby and he believes to this day God allowed Santa Claus to visit him when he was seven to help him have belief in Santa Claus for the rest of his life, as he said he does believe today.

What do you think?

I know what I think.  With my experience and Bobby’s experience there is no other conclusion but to say “Yes, there is a Santa Claus!”

Bryan W. Rupp