Sunday, January 6, 2019

January 6: New Mexico Day

Today is New Mexico Day.  

On January 6, 1912 it became the 47th state to be admitted to the union.  

This is its state flag.  It's one of if not the simplest state flag in the union.  It uses only two colors as a few do.  But it's design is seen as extremely simple, a yellow background (only one other state uses a yellow background and that is New Jersey, although a different shade) and the Zuni sun symbol in red in the center and that's it.  

But when polls are taken its always in the top five of the most beautiful state flags and often takes the top spot.  

Below is the state seal of the state of New Mexico.  It is greatly similar to the seal of the nation of Mexico with the eagle, snake and cactus.

And since New Mexico didn't become a state until 1912 it makes it one of the younger states in the union to be located on the continent and contiguous 48 states.

Therefore today, January 6 is New Mexico Day.

Bryan Rupp