Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January 9: Connecticut Day

Today, January 9th is the state of Connecticut Day as it was admitted to the union on this date in 1788 making it the fifth state to be admitted to the newly formed union.

Here's the flag of Connecticut:

The flag of the state of Connecticut is a white baroque shield with three grapevines, each bearing three bunches of purple grapes on a field of azure blue. The banner below the shield reads "Qui Transtulit Sustinet", Latin for "He who transplanted still sustains"), Connecticut's state motto.

The Great Seal of the State of Connecticut has been the coat of arms of the U.S. state of Connecticut since May 1784.[1] It depicts three grapevines and a ribbon below with the Latin motto: Qui Transtulit Sustinet (English: He who transplanted sustains), with SIGILLUM REIPUBLICÆ CONNECTICUTENSIS (English: Seal of the State of Connecticut) in the border.

So there's your piece of useless information for today.  Each state and territory has its own day during the calendar year and I'll try to share all 56 of them.

Bryan W. Rupp