Saturday, June 15, 2019

Radar Images: Sat., June 15, '19

Here you can see radar images from Saturday, June 15, 2019.  The first (or top) radar image is the latest one to be posted.  Older radar images are further down.  I'll try to time stamp each radar image to give you an idea of when they were take.

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1048p Radar Update:  More showers and thunderstorms, some severe moving towards Wichita Falls from the southwest.  These could be much more of a problem once we get past 1120p, stay tuned:


1030p Radar Update:  Suspicious wind pattern in Knox County, watching closely.


1021p Radar Update:  Wind shift moving through Iowa Park, has moved through Burk and on it's way to Wichita Falls:  

958p Radar Update:  See that light blue/green line to the right of the main yellow/orange activity?  That is the wind shift line or 'gust front' that will have a substantial amount of wind in it.  Followed by that will be the thunderstorms with greater wind:

929p Radar Update:  The area in blue on the screen has sustained ground straight line winds to 70mph.  Seek shelter in this area until the storm has passed:


842p Radar Update:  The blue area on the radar indicates winds on the ground in excess of 80 mph: