Sunday, June 9, 2019

Radar Images from Sun., June 9, '19

Here you can see radar images from Sunday, June 2, 2019.  The first (or top) radar image is the latest one to be posted.  Older radar images are further down.  I'll try to time stamp each radar image to give you an idea of when they were take.

1219p Radar Update:  St. Jo and Muenster dealing with severe thunderstorms moving slowly to the southeast.  Additional small development in western Montague County could affect Bowie:

1204p Radar Update:  Strong to severe thunderstorms about to move into St. Jo, Nocona, Montague:


1128a Radar Update:  Strong to severe thunderstorms passing through Jefferson County could affect Waurika, Sugden, Ryan and Terral is they move further south.  Head's up to Montague County you're next:

1127a Radar Update:  Gustfront (or possibly a surface front) about to move in Wichita Falls which will bring rather gusty winds and a wind shift.  You can see it via the line on the radar: