Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Current Radar Images: Wed., June 12, '19

Here you can see radar images from Wednesday, June 12, 2019.  The first (or top) radar image is the latest one to be posted.  Older radar images are further down.  I'll try to time stamp each radar image to give you an idea of when they were take.

316a Radar Update:  Severe thunderstorms continue in southwest Oklahoma.  They are now making their way across the Red River into Wilbarger, Hardeman and Wichita Counties.  Stay tuned:


252a Radar Update:  Increasing line of strong to severe thunderstorms in southwest Oklahoma.  Beginning to train over the same locations:

229a Radar Update:  Showers and thunderstorms, strong but no longer severe, are located from around Frederick, OK all the way back into the TX Panhandle.


202a Radar Update:  Additional storms developing all the way back into the Texas Panhandle moving southeast would put them into our area in the next few hours.  Even an additional, smaller thunderstorm, behind the severe ones in Jackson and Tillman Counties:

145a Radar Update:  Severe thunderstorm in Altus AFB and to the northeast, rapidly moving to the southeast and has two separate cores.