Friday, June 14, 2019

Severe Weather Threat Risk Today: Fri., June 14, '19

The National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has released their outlook for potential severe weather today, Friday, June 14, 2019.

Here's the map of risk for the area on today:

There's a SLIGHT RISK (2) for severe weather including large hail and damaging thunderstorm winds across the Rolling Plains/Texas Panhandle, Western Texoma and Southwest Oklahoma.  Counties and communities including are:  

  • Hardeman (Quanah)
  • Foard (Crowell)
  • Knox (Benjamin, Knox City, Munday)
  • Jackson (Altus)
  • Greer (Mangum)
  • Harmon (Hollis)
  • Childress (Childress)
  • Cottle (Paducah)
  • King (Guthrie)
  • Stonewall (Aspermont)

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There's also a MARGINAL RISK (1) for strong thunderstorm and a few severe thunderstorms with isolated large hail and damaging thunderstorm winds across a majority of the remainder of the area.

Stay tuned for updates, potential upgrades and downgrades, watches, warnings and radar updates.

Meteorologist Bryan W. Rupp